HDDS® GREANR Cleaner is the unique and ultimate solution to get rid of any CIPC residue and the final step towards an uncontaminated potato storage. HDDS® GREANR Cleaner is specially formulated for this very purpose. It is an easy to use product thanks to its formulation based on natural raw materials, with essential oils as the main ingredient.

The cleaner is an organic agent, therefore it is exempt from any approval. It is only subject to transport and storage regulations.

GREANR is produced by Oro Agri, a global agri-chemical company specialized in biological crop protection.


Chlorpropham (CIPC) has been used for decades as a germination inhibitor in the storage of potatoes. It is applied immediately after harvesting and may be applied again during storage.

This leaves residues of chlorpropham on and in the walls of storage areas, machinery, equipment, fans and other surfaces.

Chlorpropham is very solid and quite difficult to dissolve. Nevertheless, it does dissipate over time and can release residues on freshly harvested potatoes. Only a very thorough cleaning can prevent this. Producers have compiled a Cleaning Manual  describing what needs to be observed for complete, safe cleaning. See PVC-Annex 1 through 4. 

A past research of Wageningen’s IBVL and our recent research with WPR in Lelystad clearly show that dry cleaning alone is not sufficient to remove CIPC residues which have penetrated deeper into the walls. To thoroughly remove CIPC, a wet cleaning is necessary and HDDS® GREANR Cleaner has the perfect solution: a solid solvent! This agent is based on a special formulation which, thanks to its essential oils, is capable of completely dissolving the most resistant components of CIPC.

For further information about the methods of application and the safety regulations to be taken into account, click here Click here.

At GREANR quality and sustainability are our priorities.

CIPC residue solvent

GREANR Cleaner is the ideal solution for CIPC-free potato storage.

Supersoap effect

GREANR Cleaner penetrates deep into the walls.

Essential Oils

GREANR Cleaner is based on natural essential oils.

Frequently asked questions

With dry cleaning you do not penetrate the deeper layers, where CIPC residues are. This can only be done with a thorough wet cleaning.

For the next 2 years the tMRL should stay at 0.4 ppm, which is a very forgiving limit. This value will be decreased over time and eventually cut down to 0.01 ppm. HDDS GREANR cleaner is the best product on the market for the task. The application will have to be repeated only in worst-case scenarios where chlorpropham has penetrated the deeper layers, e.g. wooden walls.

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