Research report by the WPR of Lelystad on cleaning storage facilities with GREANR Cleaner

For this research, wooden containers were used to store potatoes for several years at the WUR storage location ‘de Eest’, in Nagele.

The research carried out by Open Crops at Wageningen University & Research provides insight into the possibility of using a treatment with a 25% GREANR Cleaner solution and then rinsing with warm water to remove the chlorpropham residue from the wood.

The analyses showed that the chlorpropham residue found in the wood was not homogeneously distributed.

Based on the available results from this experiment, a combined treatment of a 25% GREANR cleaner solution, rinsed with warm water can achieve a substantial reduction of the chlorpropham content in the outer layer of wooden elements inside potato storage areas.

The full report will be posted here as soon as possible..